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Favorite tools

Of course when you use tools everyday you develop some you can't work without.
Jewelery tip needle nose pliers is a basic in my tool box, I love to work with all of the decorative wires and this one tool help to start nice curls with out damaging the wire. It also helps to get a consistent look with the exposed end of the wire. This is a smaller size to easily fit into your hand. It also features a flat pliers and a wire cutter all in one tool.
Of course a Swiss Army knife is a basic, the twist I like is one version with a key chain.

Favorite products

Some of my favorite dssign tools
Oasis bindwirewith the trend of exposed mechanics this is the most esential in my tool box. This product is a raffia colored covered wired. I like to cut off on strip and then triple it back on it self and then twist it around floral material to be binded. I do two twists and cut off the excess and fold the small end back on it self. By folding it on itself before you tie it you get a clean consistant look, another detail to be aware of is the direction of the tie be aware of it in your design and be consistant.
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