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Educate, Inspire and Influence 

My mission is teach floral professionals to be innovative, profitable, and creative. 

Design Solutions for Success

Sandy Schroeck, AIFD, PFCI, CFD is an award-winning designer and educator with international experience in the floral industry. Having gained professional retail and wholesale experience during her career, Sandy has a unique perspective for the promotion of successful floral and gift businesses. With a strong belief of excellence in design, she has been a member of AIFD since 2003. She is a Professional Certified Floral Commentator PFCI and AIFD Certified Evaluator. Winner of 2015 AIFD North Central Bobbi Cup design competition. Sandy has joined the Floriology and Smithers Oasis design teams. Sandy uses her design expertise to convert consumer trends into floral sales. She enjoys sharing creative mechanics and design techniques that can innovate daily design work. Knowing that continuing education is a powerful key for success, Sandy strives to stay current with floral trends in order to offer valuable information for increased profitably to her clients.

As the current owner of Trend On Design in Eden Prairie, MN her current mission is to Educate-Inspire-Influence. Sandy Schroeck, AIFD, PFCI, CFDenvisions a future of excellence in floral design.

Education is a passion of mine, take a look at this video about the importance of stem insertions. 

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