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Sandy Schroeck AIFD, PFCI, CFD

Award winning international designer has worked with people that are among the most talented in the industry. It would be my pleasure to put my extensive experience to work for you.


Stage Presentations

GLFEE Hands-on Class Today's bouquets for the Modern Bride

Len Busch Roses- Design 101 Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

AIFD Society of Korea- Creative Design for a Competitive Edge

AIFD Society of Korea - AIFD Certified Evaluator

Len Busch Roses- Armatures

Floriology Institute - Wedding and Event design

Minnesota State Designer of the Year competition

South Dakota State Florist Association- Holiday trends

Len Busch Roses - Sympathy design show and hands-on.

WFFSA National Convention - Today's Trends- Tomorrow's Profits Trend forecast

Nordlie Grandville- Holiday program

Pennock- Orlando- Holiday Open House

Kings Wholesale - Holiday Open House

North American Wholesale- Why Not Wednesday

Florist Supply Saskatoon Fall, Event and Holiday Program

Florist Supply Saskatoon Hands-On Adding Line and Style to Everyday Design

Arkansas State Florist Association- Rejuvenation color and trends

Florist Supply Winnipeg Spring design program and Cascade Bridal Hands-on class

Dallas Market Center- Holiday Trends for the Season

Len Busch Roses- Prom Hands-On

Georgia State Florist association - Floral Jewelry trends, tips, and techniques

AIFD National Top This Holiday Celebrations featuring the color of the year

Dallas Market Center-Emerald color of year designs and accessories

Dallas Market Center- For you Mom design ideas

Len Busch Roses- Line exploring the creative use of line in everyday design

Roy Houff Louisville- Hands-on Prom trends

Baisch and Skinner - Wedding Trends and Prom Hands-On

Bill Doran- Rockford Bridal Hands-On

Georgia State Wholesale - Sympathy designs and new product preview.

Len Busch Roses- Cascade bridal bouquets seminar and Hands-On

Teleflora Education Center - An evening of design

North American Wholesale - Fall and Christmas showcase

Len Busch Roses- Holiday designs with a twist

North Dakota State Florist convention- I'm falling for You Wedding program

South Dakota State Florist convention - Designer showcase commentator

Saginaw Valley Wholesale- Fall and Christmas program

Show coordinator Koehler and Dramm

Design show Saginaw Wholesale, Michigan

Hands-on Personal floral jewelry and Prom seminars

AIFD Across America Presenter " Elements"

AIFD showcase designer Michigan state florist convention

Minnesota state florist convention "American Floral Trends Program"

Showroom Design

2006-current Unlimited Containers Dallas showroom- Merchandising product and floral decor

1999-2011 Display Coordinator Koehler and Dramm Wholesale

Len Busch Roses Wholesale Florist

Customer Education Coordinator 2018-present

*Responsible to develop programs and shows to further educate floral designers across the industry.

*Social Media Marketing development    

Koehler and Dramm Wholesale Florist

Hard goods Buyer and Department Manager 1999-2011

* Responsible for all Hard goods product selections, inventory management and data entry

* Marketing program development -Vendor fliers -weekly specials - Product catalogs

* Design show coordination

* Product Displays and Warehouse product placement

* Management of hard goods staff

Design Department and Bouquet Manager 1998-1999

* Responsible for product development and production of arrangements and bouquets

* Developed Recipes for production work

* Purchasing of products and inventory management for both departments

* Daily order fulfillment and Management of staff

Bachmans Floral Retail

Fresh Design Product Coordinator 1988-1998

* Responsible for creating the "look" for the fresh design arrangement product line

* Advertising photo shoots and development of product flayers for sales staff

* Department buyer responsible for selection and inventory control of containers to meet the needs of Fresh design staff of approx. 40 designers

* Quality control and Training of design staff

Fresh Design Floral Designer 1983-1988

* Responsible for Daily order fulfillment

* Wedding consultant and designer

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