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Design class options

I have been involved with many great programs at wholesaler across the country, I know the importance of generating sales off of any design seminar. My experience as the lead designer at Bachmans brings the ability to be able to produce unique salable designs with seasonal twists. These are some examples of seminars I have presented in the past. Of course I am willing to develop any custom program for your design program needs.

Possible seminars

Creative designs for a competitive edge- This class focuses on techniques that can elevate your designs to win competitions or set your shop above on an everyday basis so you can position yourself above your competition. It is an all day seminar that features a live competition during the afternoon session. This is followed by live analysis and recommendations by Sandy. The last portion is focused on AIFD certification. 

Floral Trends -Studying trends and relating them to our industry is one of my specialties. I love to find new products and share knowledge to elevate sales for everyone.

Line- Adding line and style to your everyday design. Explore a variety of techniques to add value to your creations. 

Elements -Program designed to combine the beautiful elements of the earth with the elements of design 

Floral Jewelery- Take you Prom work to the next level with preparation and sales tips along with great design ideas. 

Wedding show- One of my specialty programs Beyond the Bouquet, following the trends in bridal work and focusing on add on sales and where you can personalize the reception to make it an event to remember.

Sympathy program- What will your obituary read, mine will be followed by "Flowers welcome NO triangles challenge yourself". Have you let your funeral business slip away. See new creative personalized designs ideas to keep them talking about your fabulous designs the whole memorial service.

Holiday Planning - This program focuses on successful record keeping and how to prepare for holiday success. Learn how to create your own promotional items and develop an advertising program that supports the sales.

Holiday design programs- Always staying on top of current trends what are the little extra touches you can add to keep your customers coming back for more. I find adding little tips and tricks into each arrangement your customers will be able to see them selling them. 

Its Hip to be square- Design program focused on using geometric shapes to create some awesome new looks. 

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