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Floral Trends Collection

Thanks to the many inspirations from pintrest and my worldwide network of friends. 

I have been an observer of trends for years, where do they come from, and how do they apply to an everyday floral business? Fashion dictates many of the trend introductions, with the ability to make changes the fastest the fabrics dictate current looks that may travel into other products or they may fizzle out as a quick fad. When those fabrics start to turn into home decor that is where we fit in. You will see base colors in larger pieces of furniture these tend to be more neutral shades. The pops of color come come in the accents, pillows and towels thats where we come in. By just looking at the weekly ads from the larger home stores it is easy to see the colors that are trending in. For a more advanced look I subscribe to a number of shelter magazines that help me to see trends happening across the country, one of my new favorite sources of inspiration comes from my friends on face book. Having friends from across the globe gives me a window to floral trends across the globe.

Pintrest is the newest avenue to research trends, follow businesses that interest you along with leaders with in your industry. I have really enjoyed creating my boards and finding people and companies to follow. I see many brides researching products and creating their our boards that feature their dream weddings. Technology will certainly become a large part of floral sales going forward. I invested in an Ipad this year and have been using it to collect photos and build trend boards . I have also used it in teaching people of how I feel wedding sales will proceed in the future. Gone are the design books with a collection of another designers work. Now you can easily create your own portfolios, using the camera and one of the many applications it is easy to create your own collections.

Biggest floral trend right now, SUCCULENTS both in live plant and in permanents. Some of the permanents I have seen are so realistic. Doing a display with a combination of both will help you to reach more potential customers and do a larger display of products. Keep the containers either in distresses stone looking or in sleek metal clean lines pottery. For the holiday season ahead Succulents and Herbs will tie into an eco green look for a tree display. Include lambs ear type foliages on a flocked tree with distresses birds and accents along with accents of moss orbs. The snowy branches combined with at soft sage green and the rich mosses create a unique play on green.

The upcoming Royal wedding with her sapphire ring will bring blue back to the forefront again. Do a display to spark royal party decor. This year at the Oscars we already saw an influx of royal dresses in multiple shades of blue. The most stunning of course Anne Hathaway fabulous dress.

Use current photos from magazines in frames in your displays to make your customers aware that you are current with the trends. It also is a great opening line for your sales staff to start a conversation. For the holiday season this is the place to use crystal gems and garlands mixed with sapphire gems to pull the look of royalty together.

Flocked trees with be a big influence in the 2013 holiday season. One of my new favorite looks uses a flocked twig tree combined with brown natural accents with copper as an accent to give it some pop. Natural pine cones, twig garlands and coppertione rustic metal accents combine for a rustic look that is a new twist on natural.  

stay turned for ideas to use them.

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